As a bus driver, you have a lot on your plate: transporting lots of children to and from school daily (in addition to keeping the peace while doing it). One of your other responsibilities is keeping your school bus clean. Just in case you're new to driving a school bus - or if you're wanting some tips to make the task easier- we compiled this blog post chalked full of ways to make your bus sparkle and shine.

  • Maintaining a clean school bus is obviously important. One of the keys to your success will be routine maintenance. Sweep out the bus at the end of your route every day. This will ensure that the dirt doesn't linger. (If once a day isn't feasible, shoot for once a week!)
  • Hose out the interior of your bus at least once a month. Don't forget to spray the roof and the windows, too!
  • The driver's area of a school bus tends to collect dirt (from those pesky dirt roads), so vacuum or wipe off your seat and dash.
  • If you have gum or other sticky debris on your seats, scrape it off with a razor blade. Wipe down the seats with a surface cleaner. Don't forget the sides and backs, too!
  • Wipe off all of your rear view mirrors (interior and exterior) with some Windex or other spray window cleaner. We recommend using paper towels, as rags tend to leave bits of fluff behind.
  • If your floors need some extra attention, mix some floor cleaner with water in a bucket. Mop it until it shines!


  • Wash the outside of your bus once a month (or as needed). We recommend using car wash soap; dish soap just won't cut the dirt as well. It's not designed for this type of grime. You'll likely need a ladder, but make sure you pay attention to the top of the bus as well!
  • Scrub the wheel wells and tires with a brush with some soapy water. If you want, you can also use a tire treatment to revitalize the rubber.

With a little bit of elbow grease, your bus will be like new! Happy cleaning!

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