Gas Station

On any given day a busy gas station can see anywhere from 500 to 1,500 customers per day. This could equivilate to over 250 different car and trucks going in and out every few hours! All they while the customers are leaking oil, spilling gas, spitting out gum, dumping their old fountain drinks and tossing their trash on the floor!

Grease, oil, gas, diesel fuel and other tough stains can be removed with a hot-water pressure washer in a precise and timely manner. Gas stations need to be cleaned more often than most facilities in almost any other industry. Customers at gas stations interact directly with the exterior of your business, often leaving a mess at your gas pump and parking areas. For customers, the appearance of your retail fuel site may be the only information they use when choosing between your gas station and a competitors. It is proven that consumers feel safer and prefer doing business at a retail site that maintains a clean and respectable appearance and facility.

Chewing gum and oil spills can be difficult to remove, but Quality Power Wash can renew the look of your gas station while eliminating damage to the environment. Whether your cleaning needs are limited to a single gas stations or a chain of convenient stores, we can provide you with a cost effective maintenance and cleaning schedule. Our certified and trained cleaning staff can professionally power wash everything at your gas station including your fuel pump area, dumpster and trash enclosure pads, exterior sidewalks and walkways, underneath and around the canopy, concrete fuel pads, exterior signage and building, exterior and interior windows and even the car wash areas!

Make sure your gas station is up to code and always looking its best by choosing a trusted commercial contractor like Quality Power Wash!

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