Post Construction

Of all the services we provide, post-construction cleanup of home and building exteriors and interior and exterior windows is the least likely to be performed properly and safely by unskilled labor. Yet, more often than not, that is precisely who budget-strained general contractors and uninformed brand-new-home owners are hiring to perform this skilled and delicate operation. Many discover that the money they thought they could save ends up costing much more when mistakes need to be rectified, damage needs to be repaired and materials need to be replaced. It’s unfortunate, but a large portion of our post-construction cleanup work consists of fixing those very mistakes.

Hard cleaning on soft surfaces. This sounds like a contradiction in terms but that’s what it takes to be efficient and successful at construction cleanup. We can help you make sure your beautiful surfaces aren’t damaged in the post construction cleanup process.

With years of practical experience working on exterior building surfaces, we provide you with a team proven capable of ascertaining the best way to remove the nastiest of construction materials from your most delicate building surfaces. Such materials that if not removed properly will certainly damage your prized investment. Don’t be caught hiring the street corner “cleaner guy” to save a buck, when truthfully, you are risking your multi-thousand or million dollar investment. Who are you going to trust these investments to?

We’ve seen it time and again where a brand new beautiful building has costly damage due to an untrained contractor. For example, an increasingly common exterior surface, Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS), commonly known by the trade name Dryvit, as seen below is very easily damaged at any time during its lifespan. Once an overly aggressive pressure washer gets his hands on it, quite often the only options left for the builder are embarrassment at best, and replacement at worst.

The sidewalk to the right, outside a new building at an area technical college, demonstrates another example we see way too often. Many pressure washers assume all concrete is alike and can all be treated alike. As we can see in this photo, if the pressure washer is unaware of the limitations of new uncured concrete, nothing could be further from the truth. Let us give you an honest estimate before you decide to use just anybody. Then evaluate the cost vs. benefit so you can make the most informed and balanced decisions for your valued assets. You picked specific designs and components for a reason! Make sure they get treated properly and with care.

Only hire an EXPERIENCED pressure washer for a construction cleanup!

  • Construction cleanups require knowledge and experience.

  • New concrete flatwork is at its most vulnerable – cleaning concrete before it is fully cured with high pressure will cause damage – you must have knowledge of safe detergents that will get the job done!

  • Mortar tags on masonry must be removed quickly and safely with detergents that will not cause damage to surrounding materials!

  • Which glass is tempered? Only that which is required by code or all of it? Yes, it does matter!

  • Is there fabricating debris?

  • Different construction materials and debris on glass, wood, masonry, EIFS (dryvit) and vinyl require different methods of removal.

  • In order to adequately remove debris, chemicals may occasionally be needed.

    • You must know if the chemical will cause a reaction with surrounding material

    • You must match the chemical to the debris to be removed.

  • If construction cleanup is done correctly, your project will be properly prepared for regular cleaning.

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