Concrete / Driveways

Concrete Cleaning/Hot Power Washing Concrete

Maintaining your exterior concrete surfaces is very important for your home and business curb appeal for residential and commercial properties in NYC. When concrete surfaces are neglected for many years, dirt, grime, mold, mildew rust stain and chewing gum will take there toll on your most valuable exterior surface. Cleaning concrete surfaces is not only important for aesthetic appearances but also for safety for your family and customers. A moldy/mildew stained concrete surface is a slip hazard with potential lawsuits and injuries.

Concrete substrates are very porous just like a sponge but one cannot merely just grab, pick up a slab and squeeze out all the staining. The only way to achieve professional concrete cleaning results is through professional equipment and knowledge of an experienced power washing concrete cleaning contractor.

Quality Power Wash uses a very effective method to loosen up the stains and draw them up to the surface where it will be cleaned with hot low pressure washing and concrete cleaning disinfectants. Our concrete cleaning contractors will safely clean concrete surfaces without causing permanent scaring damage using proper cleaning techniques. We can safely clean concrete sidewalks, concrete patios, concrete steps, concrete walkways and concrete sculptures.

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